RL Branding in SL

“What a perfect idea – let’s market our real world products in Second Life to the residents. That way, it brings more business in than we could have received before!”

A hypothetical question probably made by a marketing director for a company.

In an earlier post, I went around to different companies and saw what they had put as their SL presence. Although every location looked amazing in architectural design and structure, and each had a lot of interactive materials, they didn’t persuade me at all to buy their products. The Dell Computer Island, for example, had a lot of interesting things to see and do, but once everything was done, the only thing left to do was to either buy an expensive, customized computer, or… leave the island. At least the Playboy Island had some interactivity amongst its community.

With a program about making an online community like SL, any company trying to make a presence in-world should understand that just simply trying to brand or sell a product won’t do well at all. An article written at Gigaom mentions these numbers:

“The early results from Komjuniti, as it turns out, are not encouraging: 72% of their 200 respondents said they were disappointed with real world company activities in Second Life; just over 40% considered these efforts a one-off not likely to last.”

I too agree that things won’t last for advertisers in SL, just like how you won’t see advertisers within World of Warcraft – it just doesn’t fit.


Wagner James Au, Marketing in Second Life doesn’t work. Gigaom.com article. April 4th, 2007. http://gigaom.com/2007/04/04/3-reasons-why-marketing-in-second-life-doesnt-work/


~ by Cliff Huizenga on October 16, 2007.

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