But we would eat virtual Kraft dinner!

“What if you won a million Lindens?”


If it’s non-transferrable, I’d go around SL and buy out all the land I could, making sure to stake claim into all of the great real estate spots.  Once I had made enough purchases of land, I would resell the land at a higher cost, and make all my Lindens back and more, only this time, they would be able to be transferred into US Dollars to my bank account.  Maybe I’d set up an automated store too for extra income.

The quickest solution I can think of would be to see if I could set up another account with someone I know, “buy” something from them at the price of one million Lindens, then… convert that to US Dollars.  Probably wouldn’t happen, but who knows?

Otherwise, I’d just cash out.


~ by Cliff Huizenga on September 18, 2007.

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