Building is Fun!

Chair Sit

My first experience in SL building, and I made… a chair!!

The process wasn’t relatively hard. Using the tools, to me, was like using a dubbed-down version of the tools found in Lightwave 3D.  Since I’ve had some (very minor) experiences in Lightwave 3D, I figured SL’s controls would make the process much easier.  The most difficult thing to do with object creation is getting the camera to cooperate with modeling.  I finally figured out the camera after I created the chair, and I feel more like an idiot for not knowing how to use the camera controls from the beginning (but I’m relieved to know them now).

Yes, I know that I pretty much made the exact chair from the “How to build a chair” video, but there are a few distinct differences.  My chair is a little less wide, has different sized legs, and I only watched the video once to get an idea of how to create things instead of following the video step-by-step.

The biggest difference… my chair is 100% real mahogany!!  😀

Chair Stand


~ by Cliff Huizenga on September 18, 2007.

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