An SL Welcome by Nox Deigan

As interesting as SL can be to use, I still ask myself, “Why do I use SL at all?”  The obvious answer:

I use it for my Virtual Worlds class.

There are other reasons for going on to SL besides just for a class.  The reasons are different from person to person.  I, however, am still looking for my reasons to want to be on SL.  I then bring the question, “Why do others use SL?”  Is it because SL has a nice social environment?  Or is it because World of Warcraft is too violent for some (or it costs too much)?  Why should anyone be interested in what SL does?

Trying to ask people why they use SL turned out to be a difficult task.  Starting with a simple greeting resulted in a “Hi,” then the user running away.  If I tried to start without a greeting and go straight into the question, I was ignored… then the user ran away.  Maybe my avatar smells.

While flying around in the sandbox, I came across a giant sphere that was similar looking to the Disney Epcot Center, only more basic looking.  Since it had some openings in it, I flew in and discovered a user creating the structure around her. Her name was Nox Deigan.  Probably the first socially friendly user I’ve met on SL (besides the dancers on Playboy Island), Nox was very welcoming and helpful with my question.  She told me that she uses SL, because it gives her freedom to control any aspect of the world around her and lets her be creative with building objects and homes.

As we chatted, I learned a great deal about Nox, what she does in SL, and a bit of SL knowledge to help me through my time online.  Nox, in real life, lives in the “dead center of the U.S.”  She is also a journalism major, which fit perfectly with this program at Quinnipiac (and she will probably tear this blog entry apart when she reads it).  On SL, she constructs objects and houses with her boyfriend.  Her boyfriend (who I did not meet) is the one who does more advanced building, such as complex houses, which they sell to make Linden dollars.  However, because they don’t own their own island and instead rent one off another user, the houses and products they make are bartered, in exchange for having the island space.  They sell some things on the side too, but it all goes towards the experience of being in SL.  Nox mentioned that she would never put actual U.S. dollars into SL (other than one initial instance in the beginning, which she admits was a mistake).

The topic of outfits came up, and since I’m inexperienced in SL, she took me to two different areas.  I was able to check out Indigo and Thinktank, both of which are areas that give a user free (or close to free) clothing, objects, and actions to keep.  I still go back there to find stuff for myself.  Very fun and very cheap! Nox explained some more interesting aspects of the SL world, mentioning that anything goes in some areas.  For example, it’s not uncommon to find sexually explicit actions and avatars available and in use while going around SL.  Also, Nox mentioned about the possibility of “slave trading” in SL, in which a user can be trapped in an area, unable to leave, and then be controlled by other users.  I didn’t think this could happen, but it is SL and I’m learning more as I go on.  It almost makes me afraid to use SL much further, but I’m interested in finding out more.

After chatting with Nox, I can see why some users would want to continue to use SL – The experience is very interesting and unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.  Thanks to Nox for showing me so much in one visit!

As for me, I need to stop my Mac version from crashing with voice chat, then I will find a reason for being in SL…


~ by Cliff Huizenga on September 18, 2007.

3 Responses to “An SL Welcome by Nox Deigan”

  1. I’ve got a couple more areas you might like. Give me a tell sometime. (:

  2. Well, these days Nox D seems to have “transvested” into a man.. that’s one interesting aspect of SL too..

  3. Multiple avatars. Not something I hide as I have many of them under the same name. Just depends. (: It’s a lovely thing.

    Wow. I remember that conversation too. I had someone point me toward the blog. Give me an IM in world when you have a chance. Always good time to catch up.

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