Ideas for SL New Users

I’ve had an SL account for quite some time now, but I haven’t used it much.  So, even though I’m past the new users island, I’m still trying to get a hold of what there is to do in this world.

I’d like to state my opinions as to what people should be taught in that beginner’s island in addition to what they do (If they’ve made any changes to the island since I’ve last been there, and I have a suggestion listed, please let me know):

•    Physical Appearances: Yes, it’s explained that a user can change their appearance by going to a menu, but what if you want to add some cool clothes? Better yet, why not give some clothes away? A nice, free, newbies set of clothes that makes the user more comfortable than just wearing a t-shirt and jeans. Otherwise, a new user walks around as if they’re screaming, “Look at me!! I’m new here!!”
•    Recommended Starting Areas: The Second Life Official Guide has a chapter mentioning some highlight areas for people who are new to the area. Why not include something like that in the beginning? There are some minor suggestions (if my memory serves me right), but the book has some outrageous locations that I want to travel to in the virtual world.
•    SL Coders for Dummies: I want to make all these cool things that people are making in game, but the only place I know I will get training to do so is from this class at Quinnipiac. Why can’t there be an area that puts a user through coder “boot camp” for training to make objects? I don’t mean how to make a sphere either. I mean a training program that users will go through in designing buildings, cars, clothes, etc. Something that they can use to enjoy their experience in SL (and maybe even make some money doing as well).
•    The Option to Slap People: I know, this is a bit of my experiences from World of Warcraft following me, but aren’t some people in SL just plain annoying? It doesn’t happen often, but for me, it happens often enough to make me wonder what 13-year-old is playing this game too. Blocking the user is one thing, and having rules and laws is a great idea too. But this is a virtual world, darn it! I don’t want to kill those people, but a nice slap to the back of the head would wise some people up. It’s kind of like the guy that is “chirping” on his Nextel phone during the middle of a movie. Yeah, that kind of slapping someone.

These are just some of my opinions. What do you think? Comment!


~ by Cliff Huizenga on September 2, 2007.

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