Probably should have thought better…

I promised Prof. Alex and a few students during last night’s class that I would post these funny pictures online for people to see.

The first picture was taken at a Barnes and Noble in the Farmington area, where I found a table of Religious books in the middle of the Fiction section…

Religion in... Fiction??

Someone probably got fired for this.

The next two pictures came from my job, while I was pricing a used copy of Medal of Honor – European Assault. However, the large price sticker that I attached to the game box gave the game a whole new title.

Medal of Ho - European Ass

If that wasn’t funny enough, I had to apply a bar code sticker to the box that corporate offices had complete control over choosing what was displayed on it. Instead of going with, “MEDAL OF HONOR-EUROPEAN,” this is what they chose:

Medal of Honor - Euro Ass

My manager told me to display the box in our “Hottest Titles” section.


~ by Cliff Huizenga on December 1, 2006.

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