A (de)Bug’s Life

So, I tried out Second Life for a bit earlier on in the week and today, but really haven’t gotten the hang of everything just yet. Having a gaming background, I figured this would be a piece of cake to use and maneuver. Yet, with the program running sluggish and seeing abnormal functions, I’m not sure how long I will keep using Second Life in the future.

When there are a lot of people active in a single room, the program begins to lag. It’s hard to interact with people when I freeze in place, then tossed a good distance away from where I had been due to lag. The landscapes are cool, but in certain areas, the physical 3D modeling of the areas can flake out and look corrupted when viewing them at a wrong angle. I’ve tried this on two computers to see if this were a graphics card issue – same result on two different PCs. I tired to change my character’s appearance, and I couldn’t get out of the “changing appearance” mode, even after I applied my changes. I could rotate the camera around my character, but they would not walk, move, or fly. I had to log out in a few cases just to bring my character back to life. It feels like using a virtual defibrillator!

Although this may all be just inexperience on my part with the software, considering I know a bit about computerized gaming, I’m curious to see how, and if, we end up using Second Life for a live class environment. It would be an interesting experience if it can be pulled off, but from my experiences with Second Life and seeing other reactions through blog entries, this might be a challenge.

It looks like we need to call up Ethan Hunt to handle this task.


~ by Cliff Huizenga on September 19, 2006.

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